NEWS • 8 May 2012

Active Archives Launched

Rob and I (The Web Kitchen directors) are both alumni of English schools that publish a termly school magazine. During our work in the school sector we realized that schools don’t make the most of this rich and engaging content.

Past magazines are almost completely inaccessible and current editions are printed by the thousand and posted out to alumni at great cost to the school and the environment! But with former schoolmates around the world, and knowing that most of our contemporaries are used to reading articles online via their computers, tablets or phones, we believe that this content – past and present – should be made available online to be read from anywhere on any device.

We see the value of being able to search the archive of school publications, to find out about the achievements of family members when at school, or read about major events from the past.

As a response we have recently launched Active Archives ( – a magazine digitisation and publication service that includes every step in the process of taking an entire archive of sometimes ancient documents, and making them available online.

We will visit schools to scan their archive of documents, turn them into searchable pdfs that act as a permanent back-up of the archive, and then publish the magazines in our searchable and interactive online magazine platform.

Magazines will be readable from any device, and once downloaded magazines can be saved to a users device to be read at any time, for example on a long train journey or a commute into work.

Re-engaging school alumni is a constant challenge for school marketers, and through Active Archives schools have the chance to reach out to former pupils in a new and exciting way.

If you are interested in this service for your school or organization, visit the website:

Or please don’t hesitate to get in touch at:

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