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Luxury property website design

We’re incredibly proud of the bespoke websites that we’ve launched in the property sector over the last 20 years. Here’s a list of some of our best.

Each of the projects below was born out of a desire to create a website that makes a splash in its sector – a desire shared by us and our clients. In case this is the first time you’ve met us, we’re a specialist branding and bespoke website design agency. We work across all sectors, bringing our skills, expertise and fresh perspectives to each project we embark on. You can find all of our work across all sectors in our portfolio

Sea Mirror

Exclusive Dubai property, designed by iconic architects, for ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) – it doesn’t get much more luxurious than Sea Mirror

We created a bespoke website design that tantalisingly reveals the Sea Mirror proposition, excites visitors, evokes their curiosity but keeps details behind lock and key. A bespoke password-protected area contains detailed information about individual villas, reinforcing Sea Mirror’s promise of privacy and exclusivity and leaving visitors wanting more. That’s compelling lead generation.

Amali Island

Amali Island means ‘my hopes and dreams’ in Arabic, and this island certainly doesn’t disappoint. We designed this bespoke one page teaser website to establish a digital presence, create intrigue and capture enquiries while we’re working on the main site. We’re not allowed to give much away, but we can say that this site uses WebGL and 3D models of the house to create an exciting sneak peak of one of the homes on Amali Island. Watch this space for the main site!


Lamar is the Dubai-based luxury property development boutique behind Sea Mirror. We created this bespoke website design to ooze with sophistication, living and breathing the same design-led approach and attention to detail as the properties that Lamar develops.

With time pressure on, we launched a one-page site within a month of kick-off, launching the full site later down the line once Lamar were ready. 


For Eurocity, a luxury development in Gibraltar, our bespoke website design centerd on giving visitors a sense of the scale of the buildings through video – by allowing them to swoosh around, up and down the buildings as they select which building, floor and apartment they want to look at. 


Banwa is a natural haven, a rare protected island and marine habitat which can be yours, if your holiday budget allows it. We designed the website to give you a sense of the space and nature that you’ll experience on the island.

Want more?

Perhaps you’re considering commissioning a new website? As a specialist branding and bespoke website design agency, we believe that your website must convey why prospective clients and customers should choose you. Here at The Web Kitchen in London, we specialize in designing bespoke websites that do exactly that. Find out more about our web design services, or get in touch if you’d like to speak.

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