NEWS • 13 December 2016

Our Christmas gift to Malaria No More

Each year we do something charitable at Christmas, to make the most of the opportunity we have to improve the lives of those less fortunate. This year we are working with Work for Good – a new social enterprise – to give 5% of new project fees to charity.

Many individuals choose to support charity by regular gifting, raising money, or volunteering their spare time. We believe that companies have a similar responsibility to make a positive impact on global society, and we are always keen to explore ways to do so.

This year we were very happy to work at cost for Giving Tuesday, to create a new logo, brand identity and website. The project was a great success and we hope to work on a similar basis with other impactful charities in the future.

At Christmas we like to do something different, which led to the Mince Pie Mountain in 2015. There are of course a number of good causes to support, and a number of reasons to support a given charity, but the effective altruism movement encourages us to give to charities that will make the biggest impact with the donation received. 

Over one million people die of malaria each year, mostly children under 5 years of age, which equates to one child every 30 seconds. A number of the Top Charities on use donations to provide insecticide treated bed nets to families in sub-saharan Africa, which is proven to reduce the chance or contracting malaria. 

A bed net can be provided for around $5, and it’s estimated that for every one hundred nets delivered, one child’s life will be saved every year. We look forward to seeing how our commitment to give 5% of fees for all new projects in December and January equates to nets, and ultimately children’s lives saved.

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