NEWS • 3 May 2013

Design matters – but content is King!

Over the last few months we’ve had some great discussions with clients about the creation of engaging and stimulating content. Ultimately it’s content – more than an interesting design – that is what is going to encourage web users to continually return to visit a website. It’s our job at The Web Kitchen to ensure that the website is clear, engaging, and easy-to-use, so that it is the best possible way to portray the content and the message that our clients want to communicate.

Increasingly websites are for more than simply communicating the ‘static’ key messages of a business, organization, school or university. In fact the preference is to use the website as a way of communicating their interests and values through dynamic content such as news stories, blog posts, videos, podcasts and events.

Social media can be used to promote this content in the first place – thus engaging a community with the website – but perhaps more importantly social media can be used to encourage visitors to engage through ‘liking’, commenting or sharing – which in turn disseminates the content to a greater audience. The fact that this audience – as peers of the ‘sharer’ – is likely to be both relevant and engaged with their ‘friends’ recommendations is a bonus.

The conclusion of all this is not just to create a barrage of regular fresh content for your website, but to make sure that the content you have is relevant, interesting and engaging. That’s crucial, because visitors to your site will judge you the first time they check you out, and if what they see is irrelevant or boring they won’t be back and they certainly won’t share what they see.

Of course creating regular, engaging, interesting content is a challenge, but the rewards of free, contextual advertising to your target market are considerable if you are able to make the investment. 

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