NEWS • 28 December 2011

DNS Servers – What is a DNS Server?

Though popular as DNS Server, it actually is Domain Name System which is a standard technology that manages the website names as well as other internet domains. It is one electronic device which converts all the stuff that is expressed in letters into a specific domain and that too in a language that the machines understand.

A DNS server is the one that runs networking software for special purpose and features an IP address that is public and also has a network names database and addresses that would suit Internet hosts. One DNS server communicates with another with the help of private network protocols and all these DNS servers are placed in a hierarchy. At the top we can find root servers which are responsible for storing all the information regarding Internet domain names as well as corresponding IP addresses.

The DNS server is aptly comparable to one huge address book where in you can type questions in the address bar of the various online browsers and with the help of a special software, it is picked from the database, the one that matches closely to the address you have entered.

There are 13 root servers employed by the Internet and each one has become famous for the special role it performs. These DNS servers are maintained by different independent agencies.

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