NEWS • 7 February 2014

How website content will change in 2014

Website content has become increasingly significant over the past few years as businesses attempt to ensure their websites are as engaging, up-to-date and professional as can be in order to woo new customers and retain current ones. Furthermore, content plays a significant factor in determining a company’s Google ranking, which in turn can affect sales dramatically. In 2014 this trend is more than likely to continue and probably increase in importance.

Below are a few key trends that could potentially be of great interest to businesses in 2014.

Content for Mobile Devices

With consumers currently purchasing high numbers of tablets and smart phones that can access the internet, content that considers these users is going to be increasingly important to businesses in 2014.

Going forward in 2014, the formatting of website content will need to be mobile-friendly as well as being short and more direct so users can read and easily access the content while on the move. Furthermore, with Google’s new “Hummingbird” algorithm, which focuses on searches for people on the go, website content will need to be more mobile-friendly than ever as the Hummingbird algorithm now focuses conversational searches made through mobile devices.

Directors of Content

The increased reliance on quality content during 2014 may instigate the creation of director of content roles within businesses. These directors will be employed to ensure a steady stream of high-quality, unique, user-friendly content is available that benefits the company through increased web traffic and improved Google search ranking.

If companies continue to manage their content in a less coordinated way by making it simply one part of a marketing director’s role, those companies are likely to suffer as content may be posted and written haphazardly.

Failure of Automatic Content Creation

Some companies may attempt to respond to the increased need for content in 2014 through the use of automatic content creation software. Unfortunately, this is likely to create less unique, customer-focused content, especially when the content needs to be up-to-date and specific to immediate customer interests

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