NEWS • 4 November 2021

Hybrid working and our new office

Our new central London office!

Up until March 2020 we had a pretty big office in Fitzrovia that accommodated all 18 of us full-time. We loved our office (and it’s two meeting rooms and table tennis table) but were very thankful to be just reaching the end of our lease when we saw COVID-19 coming over the horizon.

As a digital business, working remotely came quite naturally for the team, already using tools such as Trello to keep track of projects and InVision to collaborate on designs, everyone adapted really well. After the first lockdown some of the team moved out of London to live with parents, and a few European colleagues took the opportunity to head home, with Aida, Hilda and Joep working remotely from their homes in Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

We made every effort to stay connected as a team socially as well as professionally, holding weekly social Google hangouts as well as virtual events including an online watercolor painting evening, all types of quizzes (the University Challenge format was my favorite) and even a magic show. We also introduced a new perk to soothe those work-from-home aches, giving each employee a monthly voucher to spend with Urban Massage.

However with the majority of the team double vaccinated and guidance encouraging office life, we decided over the summer that it was time to start looking for a new place to call home so that we could start seeing one another in person again! We wanted somewhere that was completely flexible so that people could continue to work from home whenever they wanted to, so in September this year we moved into a WeWork in Holborn. We now have a 9-desk office with people coming in on different days of the week, and overflowing into the meeting rooms when needed.



We’ve had some of our busiest months on record this past 18 months, and launched websites for Virgin Media O2, ATR aircraft and Sea Mirror. Our team has now increased to 21 people, welcoming Antonia, Charles and James this year and we’re excited to start our regular socials in-person to celebrate everything we’ve achieved in this difficult period. Life at TWK is starting to feel normal again!

Images courtesy of WeWork

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