NEWS • 1 April 2015

More than an avatar – the importance of the personal touch

At The Web Kitchen we pride ourselves on the personal nature of the service we offer. We don’t do support tickets, we don’t screen incoming calls, we don’t hide behind layers of management. Our clients get to know us as individuals from the moment they first make contact with us, and can always get hold of someone who knows them. This is what makes us individually accountable to our clients, and guarantees a first-class customer service.

Although we have been going since 2005, we have remained at what we believe is the optimum size for a web agency. We have a fantastic breadth of experience and expertise throughout the team, and enough staff to cover for absentees, but our overall numbers are such that we don’t need staff dedicated solely to administration and/or management, and we don’t need a dedicated sales team that are separated from the project team.

I discovered quite quickly that the team at TWK had passion and collective high standards and were a genuine delight to work with throughout.

Lorna Wright, Marketing Communications Manager, Masters Speciality Pharma

Our Project Management team handles new enquiries, and scopes out new projects. This means that the individuals making the promises before the sale is made are the people delivering on the promises during the project.

At the same time, we all work together very closely and everyone in the team stays up-to-date with ongoing projects. So when you call The Web Kitchen you know you’ll speak to someone who knows you, and can help with your query directly.

Another benefit of our optimum size is that our clients know they are profiting from the spread of expertise we have in the business. Just about everyone in the business will be involved in some way over the course of a large project, so our clients know what they are getting when they sign up to work with us. We have heard countless stories of other larger agencies using the ‘big guns’ to win a pitch, but then the project is managed and worked on by junior staff only. When you work with TWK, you know you’ll get the benefit of the whole team’s expertise. 

We’ve had a very high standard of service from TWK, both in terms of the professionalism of their technical work and their attentive customer service.

Peter Graham, Head of Online Communications, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

This approach isn’t just great for our clients, but it’s great for our employees too – staff retention is key to customer service. Obviously it’s not great if your Project Manager or Designer suddenly leaves the business during the project! We are proud to say that no one has left The Web Kitchen in the last four and a half years – a record we are keen to continue!

This is all part of the ethos that is at the heart of The Web Kitchen – and runs through all that we do, from the first call to ongoing support for long-standing clients.

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