NEWS • 4 February 2014

Social Media Trends in 2014

Social network sites have become a marketing cornerstone for promoting websites and drawing in traffic, and in 2014 it’s unlikely this trend is going to change.

Business as usual:

Chances are in 2014 the big social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are going to remain as the most high-profile social network sites. In order to promote your website, it’s vital to ensure you’re posting to these social media sites on a regular basis with links to your website. The social aspect of these sites mean your message potentially could be broadcast to a vast global audience and ideally grow the traffic to your site.

With website management systems like WordPress, it’s easy to link your website to the prominent social network sites and even place live feeds from sites such as your posts on Twitter directly onto the front page of your website.

New Trends for 2014:

Let’s now consider what may change in 2014. The first trend that could become more important in 2014 is the rise of private networks. Unlike social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, private networks restrict access to particular groups, reducing the likelihood of online abuse and increasing the chances of connecting with people who have similar attitudes and interests. If you are looking to promote your website through social media, joining a private network may be a good way to reach a more receptive, albeit narrower, audience.

The second trend is the rise of content. If your website is business-orientated you will likely need to start thinking about your brand as a source of content to be dispersed through social media sites in order to retain customers and grow your business. Blogs (with social network sites linking to them) and online videos will become increasingly important as businesses need to remain in almost constant communication and engagement with their customers. Ensuring your website has frequent content updates that are then posted to social network sites is like to be very important in 2014.

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