NEWS • 13 January 2017

TWK Web Design Inspiration – 13 January 2017

A new year, and a new roundup of web design and development inspiration. Here are some sites that have impressed us recently at The Web Kitchen…

The Fifth Sense – Intangible matter

This is definitely an interesting concept, as they have tried to visualize the feelings and effects of certain scents. And in our opinion, they have definitely succeeded!

Olivier Bernstein

olivier bernstein
We really enjoy the way this website takes a different approach, and leads you through a journey with interesting photography, fitting background music and intrigue. Check out the ‘secret’ section and the way you can highlight a ‘hidden’ message!

Perfectial – Design Process

This is a really fun way of showing different stages of the design process, using furniture. Each step is different, and thanks to the well-executed combination of animation and 3D, navigating through the site never gets boring. 

Impossible Bureau

Dark and serious, yet colorful and playful underneath the surface! We like how the navigation of projects is done in the menu. Cool details include the loading animation, hover effect of the logo and unique and interactive elements present on each project page.  

Cartoon Network Studios

cartoon network studios
Something we really like about this site is how it combines seriousness with the playfulness and cartoons that are at the core of Cartoon Network. Each letter reveals various little animations on hover, and there are more animations to be found throughout the site. 


A bit like the design process of Perfectial, this agency also uses 3D models of the founders in a very tongue-in-cheek way. We love the attention to detail throughout the pages and the quirky animations. Check out the contact section too, and see what happens when you hover on the email address. Plus, you’ve got to love that footer. Rock on!

Fantastic Beasts – Magical Map

magical maps
There’s no better way to find fantastic beasts than an interactive map! This site features brilliant animations and effects in true Harry Potter fashion and an intriguing way of learning more about the magical side of New York City!

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