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TWK Web Design Inspiration – 5 July 2016

Welcome to our regular roundup of design and development inspiration from around the web. Here’s a selection of sites that have impressed us recently here at The Web Kitchen.


Here at The Web Kitchen, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to give users an awesome experience. With the rise of SVG usage and capabilities, we are very excited to see animated icons like this starting to pop up. What is an SVG you ask? You can read more about them here.


Continuing our talks about icons, with this page we are particularly fond of the amazing color schemes, animations and ways of interacting with the user. From the iOS-style slide-to-open call to action at the start, to the innovative and nearly fool-proof navigation styles. Plus, you’ve got to love those moving shapes in the bottom right corner. Mesmerising!


If you’ve been following the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament at all, you will know that there have been some very surprising developments as we get closer and closer to the final (and some ludicrous penalties!). This page shows you how to take a penalty, using beautiful and funny illustrations. Can somebody share this page with Messi?


Dead or Alive sure were right when they released their song ‘You Spin Me Round’ back in 1985! Not only are these illustrations very pleasing to the eye, they are also made entirely from circular shapes. Take a look and discover why illustrations like this have been so popular for so long. Shout out to Apple, who did this way back in the seventies!


Going from circles to cubes… this design studio’s site features interesting typography, snazzy transitions and a minimalistic approach that we can definitely appreciate! Check out the timeline on the Projects page too.


This site is just awesome – we spent ten minutes looking around and still aren’t sure what’s going on, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! We love the click and hold interaction on the droplet, the trippy visuals and the navigation experience overall. Definite kudos for originality here!


Who’s up for a quick game? Step away from your desk and meet us on the court! This site has a very engaging and cool way to display a new clothing line, lovely loading effects, and awesome imagery. Game, Set and Match!


We hope you enjoyed the update – look out for another one soon!
The TWK Design Team

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