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Ardingly College

Ardingly College have over some years built a brand around their ‘World Ready’ slogan. Through our research we found that this was a compelling statement of the education on offer, and it resonated with the target market. 

The challenge in this project was to re-engage the audience with the school, and push the understanding of what it means to be developing young minds that are ‘World Ready’.

Ardingly College

What we did

Design, Development, SEO, CMS, Mobile Website



The team at TWK were a pleasure to work with, they made the whole process stress free and were there to advise and support throughout the process.

They went to great pains to understand Ardingly College. They digested our thoughts and were not afraid to challenge ideas as well as provide solutions. 

As a result they delivered an impactful creative execution that visually re-enforces our World Ready message. TWK overcame the difficulty of marketing diverse areas of the School  through the one website.

Alicia Frankland,  Marketing, Ardingly College

“The look and feel are exactly what I’d hoped they would be when we started thinking about this project – ambitious, exciting, stylish and clear about our mission and purpose.”  

Ben Figgis, Headmaster