NEWS • 30 January 2022

Wavemaker featured on Designrush

Even though the Wavemaker site launched back in 2020, its design and clever use of animations continue to be a talking point online. After being featured on Web Designer Depot, and receiving both an honorable mention and a Mobile Excellence award from Awwwards, we can now proudly add DesignRush to that list!

Here’s a snippet from the ’12 Best Clean Website Designs That Command Attention’ article:

‘The website for Wavemaker, a global media network, is provided by The Web Kitchen and kicks off with a lengthy, interactive intro that invites users to “breakthrough” by clicking, while delivering creative messages that amplify the company’s work.’

Here at the Web Kitchen, we are proud of all the websites that we get to create for our clients, and Wavemaker is no different. Besides good UX, clear navigation and plenty of contrast, the animations in the intro sequence are what really sets this project apart.

Why are animations so important?

Before the rise of animations on the web, we were already familiar with it thanks to other mediums such as cartoons, video games and digital advertising. Using animations in the right way can engage visitors, improve their experience and guide them to important elements on a page.

In the intro sequence for Wavemaker, we add an element of surprise and extra branding to the logo as soon as the user starts scrolling down. The logo ‘explodes’ into smaller shapes, trapping the logo’s orange circle behind them. Once you click, you allow the orange circle to break through, sending the white shapes flying everywhere. This not only adds a fun element to the intro, but it also carries a deeper meaning as Wavemaker as an agency is also all about ‘breaking through’ the uncomfortable. 

The next part of the intro sequence lets the visitor jump over a big gap, representing the fearlessness and courage that Wavemaker wants their clients to find within themselves, in order to positively provoke growth.

Later, two of the white shapes that we saw at the beginning of the sequence appear again, only to be knocked sideways by the orange circle. This animation not only adds a sense of speed and excitement, but it also creates the ‘W’ symbol, further reinforcing the brand.

We invite you to check out the article over at DesignRush to read everything they have to say about the Wavemaker Project.

Read the DesignRush article here.

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