Banwa Private Island

Banwa is a luxury private island retreat, set in a remote marine-protected area of Palawan in the Philippines.

We worked closely with the island’s leadership team to create a stunning site that not only gives the user a glimpse of Banwa’s luxury offering, but also immerses you in it’s truly unique wildlife and natural environment.

                Banwa Private Island

What we did

Design, Development, SEO, CMS, Mobile Website



Delivering an engaging and inspiring website is not an easy task. So many individual perspectives and expectations, so many potential pitfalls and distractions.

The support and guidance provided throughout each phase of the project was spot on. Complex requirements were considered and distilled into elegant content, always executed quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, the team were a delight to work with. Accurate and highly professional in every aspect of the project.

Rob Chappelhow, VP Branding - Banwa Private Island

It’s imperative that you select an agency who can help you navigate the process with clarity and confidence. That’s exactly what the team at TWK delivered.

Rob Chappelhow, CEO - Banwa Private Island