Wellington College

Wellington College is a unique, world-renowned school that seeks to be a pioneer in education in order to serve and help shape a better world.

We began by carrying out a full re-write of their brand narrative. We then pushed their visual identity in an exciting and energetic new direction before applying it across the full range of marketing materials. This included a new website that pushes the boundaries of what a school website is capable of.

Wellington College

What we did

Responsive website design and development, SEO, WordPress CMS, Brand narrative, Brand identity, Print design, Video Production



TWK was entrusted with the exciting opportunity to revamp our website, having previously developed our highly successful current website eight years ago. Our goal was to elevate our online presence to a similar level of excellence.

Given the arrival of a new headmaster at Wellington, we also saw it as an ideal moment to explore branding and visual identity. This comprehensive project encompassed thorough stakeholder research and a visionary reimagination of our visual identity, laying the groundwork for the creation of an exceptional new website.

One of the most impressive and unique qualities about TWK was their unparalleled creativity. Throughout our engagement, their ability to think outside the box and provide innovative solutions truly stood out.

They consistently brought fresh and imaginative ideas to the table, pushing the boundaries of traditional approaches. Their creative thinking not only added value to the project but also sparked new perspectives and possibilities. It was their exceptional creativity that set them apart and made working with TWK a truly remarkable experience.

They also demonstrated excellent project management throughout the entire engagement. They consistently delivered items on time, ensuring that the project stayed on track and met established milestones.

We are delighted with the website delivered by TWK. The exceptional quality and impact of their work have far exceeded our expectations.

Vicky Williams, Head of Marketing

It was their exceptional creativity that set them apart and made working with TWK a truly remarkable experience.

Vicky Williams, Head of Marketing